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Chef Justin Scott

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Nutritious & Delicious! Providing a professional, high-quality, fine food service to tantalize all your senses.


The Chef was really nice. The food was wonderful. Everything was perfect, simply perfect! 10/10
-T. St Denis, Orleans, ON


A member of the kitchen brigade within the House of Commons for the Parliamentary restaurant. Holistic Chef working with local farmers in our community has developed his farm-to-table approach to cooking.
Sourcing out ingredients directly from the farms, farmers markets & local suppliers. Performing cooking demonstrations at shows, festivals, markets, events and workshops. Over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry.
Creating customized menus based on the changing of the seasons. Specializing in developing innovative restricted diet meal plans.


Cooking with fresh, organic, sustainable, mostly local, seasonal and natural whole foods from all cultures. Using many different types of ethnic flavours in the kitchen, is his unique style of cooking. Creating an unforgettable culinary experience with originality for all recipes, meals, and signature dishes in an artistic fashion.

We provide a free estimate for your function, dinner party and meal planning Assisting you in composing your menu according to your type of event,theme budget and food preference.
Also, offering complimentary kitchen tips, culinary advice, food knowledge and cooking tricks.


Cooking Specialities



Creating healthy, gourmet and gluten-free recipes using produce at it’s peak ripeness!